Welcome to my awesome blog!
My name is Theodore Gaynes. I have no aliases (I've tried to come up with a few but they all sucked). I am an online freelancer, blogger, writer and a life critic. I love reading books and talking about them. I also enjoy making people see the joy in literature.

I am an undergraduate at East Georgia State College. Although it's tasking, I use my free time to blog and write, especially contemporary African works. I would have loved to describe myself but I have a thousand undescribable features. Well, I hope to put up a picture soon to match with the name.

 I have no published works yet but there's a project  currently underway - a novel about the recent Nigerian situation. Check it out here.

I designed this blog primarily to give something back to the world by promoting reading habits in all parts of the world especially Africa. I am yet to achieve this daunting goal. 
This blog features great and helpful tips about learning to write in general. It also features short stories, poems, literary news around the globe, new book releases and my ideas of life and other really unnecessary stuff.


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