Monday, 16 September 2013


 Robert McCammon

That's the guy! Robert  Rick McCammon. An influential American author of over five bestsellers. He has written about seventeen books some of which he has won awards for including the World Fantasy Award. He writes mostly horror fiction.
  McCammon's style is more of southern and he's done a good job improving over the years. He writes in a captivating and absorbing manner keeping you buried deep into his books till the very last page, a bit similar to King's. What keeps his readers going is the way he mingles between humor and tragedy, seen in A boy's life. And he has this ability to make you love the characters like they were family or much more closer. Thumbs up, McCammon. Presently, Robert is writing a series of dark detective stories which will come in ten books. The fourth book in the series 'The Providence Rider' was released last year. Read this exclusive interview with Robert where he talks about his new book: EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT McCAMMON.


"This is the fourth and the newest in the Matthew Corbet series which began six years ago. The narrative begins in the winter of 1703, with Matthew Corbett haunted by his past encounters with the macabre (see previous books). When an unexplained series of explosions rocks his Manhattan neighborhood, he finds himself forced to confront an unsavory, and altogether criminal, figure from the past. By hook or by crook, Professor Fell will get Matthew to his island lair, where he needs the young problem-solver’s unique skills to further his dreams of a pan-Atlantic crime syndicate. "
                                                                                         - The Staffer's Book Review
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As for the previous three books in the series, Go to the Robert McCammon Official Website

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