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                                                    DISCOVERING YOUR WRITING

There are a lot of different niches where a writer can belong to. See the full list of writing niches here. And discovering your writing niche in  the literary world is very necessary. It's like the 'operating system' in a computer. Your niche drives you to piece specific niche-related ideas together. A different niche, a different idea. For example, in the horror genre, you'll be all about gathering heightened suspense ideas, moving a bit slow-paced with it,  yet organize  them in short and sharp manners. The number of words, chapters, and other qualities depends on the niche you are writing as well.
     Knowing what niche you're supposed to write could be difficult sometimes. You've just got to know and understand yourself a lot. What type of books do you really have a penchant for? horror, mystery, non-fiction? What type of films or stories interest you? drama, or religion? Just ask yourself more personal questions and when you'd get to know yourself a bit, then finding your place i the literary world wouldn't be as difficult as it seems.
   Left for me, I'd say, writing multiple genres is not a bad idea. You've got to take chances at least once in a life time. In this way, you get to discover the niche you are most comfortable with. Hey, don't get me wrong! Once you notice you are definitely not up for that side of the world, QUIT pal.     
   Don't do it because most bestsellers emerge from that literary genre when you know nothing about the genre. Trust me, your fumbling will no know bounds. As a local author, I understood that perfectly well. Romance wasn't really my thing and I went into it for a year and the results were .... well, that's a subject for another day.
   Even though, you got a lot of ideas in scattered genres, pick the one that suits you most. Develop in that area, and you'll come out a 'daddy' in your niche. Ain't nothing better than being the king of your own home.
John Grisham, a well renowned legal-niche writer is very loved by his readers. He never deviates from his genres and as such, his readers always know what to expect of him. 
Nevertheless, some renowned authors have the ability to support more than two niches. That's nice, very nice, if you're gifted like on of those authors. It gives you an edge over others.                                      
  Knowing your niche could take years. It's a slow and unconscious process just like 'growth'. You could always tell judging from your numerous manuscripts and your favorite authors.
   So, Just think creative and find your writing niche.
Mine is twisted horror (the dark is a nice place to be) and I could really do well at mystery and thrillers.

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Teddy Gaynes

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